February 13, 2011

So What Does This Button Do ?

Hello there World Wide Web.
This is my first attempt at blogging on the interwebs, so you must forgive me if I display some ignorance of the finer technical points to blogging as I try to learn on the job. It's not that I am a complete n00b on the Internet as I have been playing online games for a few years and learning the ways of the web from those game's online forums. This can be a baptism of fire for an online innocent sometimes but Mr & Mrs Lowe never raised any shrinking violets and so far my enormous ego remains intact. So what has motivated me to try my luck at blogging at my advanced age?

I don't know if there was one precise moment when I decided that this is how I wanted to spend my free time as it was more of an evolutionary process. Game forums tend to be mostly about the game in question but usually include a section or sections that are unrelated to the game and open for discussion on any subject (except those subjects that are prohibited by the rules of those forums). Online game forums can be quite brutal for the inexperienced poster as they tend to have some of the competitive elements that are a part of the game in question but they can also be among the most inventive and humorous forums that you will ever see.

It has been a great learning experience for me and has brought me into contact with all sorts of people from all ages and all walks of life from all around the world. Just recently on one game forum we have discussed the Queensland floods, with posts from a person in Ipswich and the Egyptian revolution, in a thread started by a person in Cairo. Both were posting as events happened and I am glad to say both are still safe and sound. The Internet is an amazing thing in that way.

So what has all that got to do with this blog page?

In some ways, not a lot. It did act as a catalyst however, for me to strike out and begin this blogging process. Without getting too political, it has become fairly obvious to most of us that the way that we do things in a modern industrialised society isn't working well any more and if we want to continue to live on this planet then we need to find alternative ways to do things such as grow our food, utilize fresh water, generate energy and deal with our waste and pollution.

As a child of the 60's, this is not new thinking for me. The same problems could be seen on the horizon back then and some of us "flower children" have spent our lifetimes studying and exploring alternative methods of doing these and other things. As a result I think I have accumulated a reasonable amount of knowledge on certain subjects and an awareness of other areas of alternative thinking that I can draw upon to provide some useful information for those who are just now starting to think about these issues.

My original concept was for a site that would act as a source of information on areas such as organic growing methods, alternative energy technologies and how to use them, alternative building methods, waste reduction and in general, learning to live more harmoniously in a world of diminishing resources and increasing population. My own training and experience is mostly in horticulture and botany but I have also had long term interests in alternative technologies in general and some hands-on experience in some pretty diverse areas. I don't really have any big picture solutions to the problems that we are now facing but I hope I can perhaps offer some small picture ideas and thinking to help and inspire others to change the way they do things and perhaps improve their standard of living.

I conceived a site that would basically have three parts. The first would be a blog page with a constant stream of articles on a range of relevant subjects by myself and other contributors. The second would be an archive or library of information that is open and free for anyone to access and make use of on those subjects and the third would be a forum for anyone interested in this conceptual site to discuss, debate and raise questions about those issues. This site might take some time to grow. I have been told it's all possible and can be done for minimal costs. The only limiting factor at this time is my lack of experience in Internet technology, so I decided to plant a seed here, see how well it grows and let nature take it's course.
It's all a learning experience for me and so I might make some mistakes along the way and I hope that you, dear reader, can forgive me my shortcomings in that regard.

I hope I can make up for that by writing interesting and useful articles with a dash of humour and not too much preaching from a soapbox. Who knows where this will go? The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step and I am still learning how to crawl. It should be fun, so here we go...



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