March 02, 2011

Patchwork Quilting - Turn Scrap Cloth Into an Heirloom

I must admit, this isn't a craft that I have tried myself  but it is certainly a fantastic way to recycle old clothing and other materials into a beautiful and functional item. The tools required are the basic sewing tools and even hand sewing could produce a good quality quilt in time. This is the sort of craft that can be put down and picked up as time permits and fabric can be saved and cut as it becomes available. Patchworking could also be utilised to make slip covers for modern doonas or quilts and cushion covers. Patterns can be as simple or advanced as you please, ranging from simple square blocks to advanced geometric designs. Well made quilts can become treasured family heirlooms and quilting can be a social experience when shared.

I don't do a lot of sewing myself but I think that even I could turn out a decent quilt if I put my mind to it.


Patchwork quilts can be as simple or as fancy as you please and a great way to recycle fabric.


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